Founded in 1957, The Western Association of College and University Housing Officers (WACUHO) is a professional organization that is dedicated to exceptional collegiate residential experiences by promoting meaningful connections and providing innovative, relevant professional development opportunities and services to its members. 

For more than 60 years WACUHO has been creating opportunities for leaders in our field to unite, connect, and grow with one another. Learn about our Association's rich history and the work that has been done to shape our present. 

Our vision for the Association and the field of College and University Housing is driven by our mission, values, and goals. Learn more about what defines WACUHO as we move forward into the future.

The WACUHO Executive Committee is an annually elected and appointed board of committed and experienced volunteer members who help to keep the work of the entire Association united and coordinated. Learn more about our current Executive Committee and how you can run for a elected position in the future. 

By-laws help to guide the Association and maintain ethical practices. These are rules and regulations created by and for the WACUHO members. Learn more about how our organization is structured by reviewing the bi-laws.