Current Challenges:


From assessment data and focus group discussions the Strategic Planning Task Force has determined that:

  • The current communication structures do not meet the needs of the membership.

  • Communication tends to focus on information dissemination and less on dialogue creation.

  • From the membership, not everyone feels included in both information distributed and involvement in decisions of the Association.

  • According to past executives and committee members, our processes are out-of-date.

  • We are not taking advantage of all technological options or staying current with trends.

  • We have a reactive communication system versus a proactive communication system.

Desired Outcome:

A cohesive communication strategy whereby all members feel informed and opportunities for dialogue are utilized

Key Indicators:  

  • Archiving data to preserve institutional memory

  • Branding of the Association

  • Communication policies

  • Effective and relevant use of technology

  • Membership and CHO climate assessment

  • Membership awareness of our mission, vision, and goals

  • Website analytics and functionality


Communication Objectives (In Priority Order):