Leadership Manual

Committee Sponsorship Request

  • Since WACUHO Corporate Partnership has been in place, procedures for requesting sponsorship monies have become centralized through the Corporate Relations Committee. All requests for donations therefore need to go through the Corporate Relations Committee (CRC).

  • When preparing your Preliminary Budget Form, the cost for conference memorabilia such as bags or notebooks should be included since these items will continue to be part of your conference expenses. These items should be requested through the Corporate Relations Committee via the Committee Sponsorship Request Form. Instead of one company sponsoring a specific item, monies will be allocated by Corporate Relations on behalf of all corporate partners.

  • The Committee Sponsorship Request Form should be completed and mailed to the Chair of the Corporate Relations Committee. If your request is approved, one of your committee members will purchase the approved item and then request financial reimbursement from the Association Treasurer via the Check Request Form. Original receipts must be included with the check request. Please note that the funding for this expense will come from the Corporate Relations Committee’s budget rather than from your committee’s budget. Therefore, this expense should not appear on your committee’s final budget sheet.

  • Items with specific vendor logos such as notepads, pens and pencils should also be requested via this form. You do not need to indicate a cost on the form when requesting these items.