Leadership Manual

Final Budget Form

  • Complete the Actual column on the Budget Form to report actual revenue, if applicable, and expenditures at the close of a conference/workshop.

  • Reconciliation of the budget should be carried out in a timely manner to facilitate year-end closing and tax reporting of the WACUHO accounts by the Association Treasurer.

  • Prepare a final conference attendee roster and reconcile against registration payments. Update records with any registration payments collected at the conference.

  • Prepare a list of all expenses categorized by type of expense (e.g. Annual Conference and Exposition, Host, Program or Exhibits, or for all other conferences use line items on budget form).

  • Request a list of all registration payments and paid expenses from the Treasurer in order to reconcile and confirm that the final budget is accurate.

  • Include approved Association or Program reserve funds, Corporate Relations Gold Plan monies and individual or institution donations in your final budget.

  • After verification by the Association Treasurer, the chair will receive a copy of the reconciled Final Budget Form.

  • A copy of the Final Budget Form should be included in the Annual Report to the Vice President.