Leadership Manual

Committee Membership

The work and progress of WACUHO is achieved through the committed volunteer efforts of its members, primarily through committees who are focused on specific important work of the Association. To support successful committee work each year, the following guidelines for committee membership have been developed.

  • To support efficient and effective committee effort each year, committees are limited to a maximum of 30 members. The Chair(s) may set a lower limit as appropriate.

  • Committee sign-up will close once it has reached the maximum limit, or when the chair(s) believe that additional membership is not needed.

  • Generally, committee sign ups will close on November 1st each year with the exception of the RAPs and the Finance Advisory Committee which will close on October 1st. Additional members may be added as needed at the discretion of the committee chair.

  • WACUHO does not limit the number of committees on which members may serve; members are advised to commit only to committee membership that they have the time and capacity to fulfill. Although WACUHO members may request participation on multiple committees, members are advised to limit their committee involvement each year to no more than two committees, as there may be a great deal of work and time involved in fulfilling committee tasks successfully. Members who request to serve on multiple committees will generally be appointed to their top two choices, except in cases when alternate assignments are made due to space-availability.

  • Generally WACUHO committee appointments begin July 1 and end March 31 each year. Members who desire to remain on a committee for more than one year must reapply.

  • Committee assignments are made on a first come first serve basis until a) the committee is full, b) the Chair closes the committee to new members, or c) the November 1 deadline for committee signups.

  • Any committee tasks and year-end reports must be completed before the annual conference with the exception of the WACE committees which have until July 1st to complete all their committee tasks.