Leadership Manual

Committee Responsibilities

Each year the Executive Committee receives requests to develop, appoint or select new committees based on the changing needs of the membership. Often the individual/group making a request is simply unaware of existing committees, which may be able to address these concerns. Concerns based on trends, technological changes and/or results from Association surveys, may require establishing a new committee. The Executive Committee encourages the addition of new committees and programs that are based on the needs of the membership. The request for the developing a new committee or program must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee for review.

Once a proposal has been approved, the guidelines below shall be followed for committee appointments and program implementation:

  • Committee appointments are voluntary and are for one year, except for the two-year appointment of the Corporate Relations Chair. Appointments are made at the Winter Executive Committee meeting. Committee appointments for events that occur in the fall are expected to be effective immediately. These committee appointments include Western Training Institute, Conference Services, Northern RAP, Central RAP, Southern RAP and Island RAP. Annual Conference related committees may begin at early as June 1.All other committee appointments become effective July 1

  • Member institutions or members themselves assume the cost for registration, lodging, food, travel, and other incidental expenses incurred while serving on a WACUHO committee. Committee chairpersons shall not be authorized to expend committee funds for such expenses. Campuses hosting a WACUHO meeting may choose to provide amenities as referred to above without charge to the Association. The Association’s Treasurer must have noted any and all labor reimbursement requests on a separate line item on the initial proposed budget, which received approval.

  • Committees presenting programs shall direct those programs toward the specific population without exclusion of attendance by any level and region.


For example:

Annual Conference and Exposition – Directed toward entire membership.

Northern, Central, Island, and Southern RAP – Directed toward a target population of front-line staff (i. e. RA’s and hall desk staff), supervisors (e.g. RD’s) and central office support staff.


Western Training Institute – Directed toward full time professional membership.


Apartment & Community Living – Directed toward those working in these areas and all interested individuals.


Conference Connection - Directed toward those working in this area and all interested individuals.

  • All Program Committees shall work on zero based budgets. Programs are to pay for themselves from registration fees.

  • All program committee members (except Annual Conference and Exposition chairs; and RAP committee members if a zero-based budget allows) must register for their conference.

  • Participants from non-member institutions will be charged an additional registration fee. The minimum surcharge amounts are:

  • $5.00 for RAPs, Conference Connection, Apartment & Community Living, and all other conferences not included below

  • $20.00 for the Annual Conference and Exposition and Western Training Institute

  • $100.00 for non-Affiliate Vendors exhibiting at the Annual Conference and Exposition


Exceptions to this policy must be approved in advance by the Treasurer.

  • Every program and operational committee shall submit in advance a proposed budget for its activities to the Executive Committee Liaison and to the Association Treasurer. No funds will be disbursed until a budget is submitted to and approved by the Treasurer. Each committee chair will also submit to the Treasurer and Executive Committee Liaison a finalized, actual budget of the year’s financial activities within 30 days, or as negotiated with the Treasurer, after the conclusion of the program/activity.

  • All arrangements made on behalf of the Association between committee chairs and facilitators, speakers or presenters shall be in writing and shall clearly specify all aspects of the agreement, (e.g., service to be performed, amount and kind of compensation, including travel reimbursement, if any, etc.).

  • All individual agreements obligating the Association to payments of $5,000.00 or more must be signed by the President or Treasurer to become binding on the Association. No other member of the Association is authorized to make such commitments for the Association. Therefore, plan ahead and allow sufficient time to meet the requirement.

  • Each committee should insure that all facilitators, speakers or presenters are appropriately thanked in writing for their assistance on behalf of the Association.

  • Committee chairs shall submit two copies of a detailed written Annual Report upon the conclusion of their committee’s activities to the Vice President. The Vice President shall see that incoming chair and the Historian receive copies of these reports. A sample is located in the appendix of this manual.

  • Committee chairs will work with the Vice President to forward to the Historian copies of approved contracts or agreements, registration materials, attendance counts, program brochures, and any pictures of WACUHO events.

  • All unsolicited individuals, groups or organizations wishing to present a program or disseminate information at a


WACUHO conference must follow established program submission and presentation procedures.

All WACUHO committees welcome the participation of our Corporate Partners as we work collaboratively to best serve our association members. In the event a WACUHO committee is discussing vendors and if a committee member directly, or indirectly receive financial gain, they must recues themselves from the decision-making process.