Leadership Manual

Communication Policy

WACUHO has a variety of modes to communicate with members. These methods include: WAVES newsletter, weekly update e-mails, WACUHO website, sponsored events websites, and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), and Targeted e-mails.

  • The association’s newsletter, WAVES, is sent to individual members each month. The newsletter is sent out around the 5th of each month. If you wish to submit an article please email the Marketing and Communications Coordinator (communications@wacuho.org) by the first of each month.

  • Weekly news updates are sent on Mondays. Short announcements including a title may be submitted by 5pm on the Wednesday prior to distribution. Email tech@wacuho.org, president@wacuho.org and your event chairs for pre-approval.

  • Website postings, which can include videos and images, can be submitted with a title and a blurb by Emailing tech@wacuho.org , president@wacuho.org and your event chairs for pre-approval.

  • Sponsored event or group websites may be created to serve the goals of your group/event. All sites must display a refund policy if fees are collected, and the Inclusivity statement. All communications including the link to a sponsored event or group website must also include a link to www.wacuho.org. To publish, Email tech@wacuho.org, president@wacuho.org and your event chairs for pre-approval.

  • There are several social media outlets within the organization including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. To post, Email communications@wacuho.org.

  • Targeted Emails are used less frequently as the modes mentioned above are efficient and effective. If the electronic message is more appropriate for a smaller target audience, such as CHOs or new professionals, then an e-mail can be sent out to that particular membership category. Questions about how the membership database can be subdivided may be directed to the WACUHO Technology and Information Systems Coordinator. Send a request to tech@wacuho.org, president@wacuho.org and your event chairs or committee executive liaison for pre-approval.

  • Open position listings may only be posted on the WACUHO Job Surf website. Open position listings will be accepted from member institutions only. When utilizing a search firm, the request must still be generated by the member institution. Open positions are posted by Emailing tech@wacuho.org.