Leadership Manual

Deposit Form Guidelines

  • All income and expenditures must be receipted through the Association Treasurer. Complete the WACUHO Deposit Form listing all checks to be deposited and return checks and the deposit form to the Association Treasurer.

  • All checks must be made payable to WACUHO.

  • Accepting Cash for payment of conference registration, or other large fees is not permitted. Money Orders, which may be procured at banking institutions and many grocery stores, may be accepted when no other form of payment is available.

  • Chairs must submit all deposits to the Association Treasurer on a weekly basis. Doing so ensures that checks are being handled in a secure fashion and that the Association\’s cash flow is being maintained.Follow the guidelines listed below to determine the frequency of mailing deposits to the Treasurer: 1) Three or more checks are received, 2) The total amount of the checks collected reaches or exceeds $3000, or 3) One week has passed since your last deposit.

  • Large deposits should be sent to the Treasurer via registered mail. Large deposits are defined as those in excess of $4,000, regardless of the number of checks received.

  • Keep all WACUHO funds in a secure place, such as a safe or a locked file cabinet.

  • Before sending the checks and deposit form to the Treasurer:

    • Endorse checks received with the following information: "For Deposit Only – WACUHO" – leave room at the bottom of the endorsement window for the Treasurer to write in the account number. In some instances, a stamp will be provided to the program chair for this purpose.

    • Make a copy of the entire deposit, including checks, and keep it in a secure location.

    • Send an electronic copy of the deposit form to the Treasurer and note the day the deposit was mailed so the Treasurer can anticipate receipt of the funds.