Leadership Manual

Duties of the Technology Coordinator

  • Work closely with the Association’s President and Treasurer.

  • Work with the WACUHO Webmaster to ensure that the WACUHO’s website is properly maintained and that all websites developed are in accordance with the WACUHO Website Development Policy.

  • In consultation with the Vice President and Webmaster, update the committee membership information on an annual basis.

  • Develop and consult will all committee chairs regarding standards and expectations for website design related to committee activity. In consultation with the Webmaster, assist committee chairs with uploading any committee webpage or adding appropriate links onto the Association’s web page.

  • Assist with online registration and other procedures for conferences and committees.

  • Liaise with all internal and external technical consultants and assistants.

  • Liaise with the Technology and Information Systems Committee.

  • Responsible for maintenance, improvement, and general management of the WACUHO online membership database.

  • Coordinate Association electronic communication, primarily through distribution of Association e-mails approved in accordance with the Communication Policy.

  • Update Association use of social media platforms as well as executive board information.

  • Fulfill membership data label requests, and coordinate for billing with the Association Treasurer.