Leadership Manual

Financial Guidelines

WACUHO is a registered non-profit 501 (c) 6 corporation that is required to file annual tax returns to both the federal and state government. The Association is subject to audit by either entity. In addition, the Executive Committee is charged with ensuring that Association funds are managed in a fiscally prudent manner. That said, the following guidelines have been developed both to ensure sound fiscal processes are maintained as well as to protect the association and its membership from any misuse of funds. If a committee chair or member is unsure of his or her responsibilities in this area, it is best to check first with the Executive Committee liaison and/or the Association Treasurer.

The following pages contain important information on managing the budget, collecting revenues, and processing check requests on the behalf of a committee. As a committee chair, you will be responsible for all financial transactions incurred by your committee. Therefore, it is very important for you to read all pertinent policies and guidelines related to the accounting of your funds.

If your committee will be sponsoring a workshop or program, please be aware of the courtesies which must be extended and included as either waived registration fees and/or additional expenses in your program/workshop’s operating budget. (Please refer to the Professional Courtesy Policy section of this Leadership Manual.)

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Association Treasurer as soon as possible.

All checks should be payable to: WACUHO Include WACUHO Tax ID#: 95-3007103 on ALL Registration Forms

  • No Association committee shall open or maintain a separate checking or savings account. All monies, both deposits and expenditures, shall be receipted or disbursed through the Association Treasurer within five business days of receipt. Programmatic committees must submit a budget to the Association’s Treasurer, and have said budget approved by the Treasurer (Executive Committee for the Annual Conference) before setting rates for programs or expending Association funds.

  • Only committee chairs may request money from the Treasurer. Exceptions to this policy will be made only when written notification from a committee chair which designates another individual as eligible to request money is received by the Treasurer.

  • All committees sponsoring a workshop or conference will present a preliminary budget form indicating a break-even budget, as it is not the intention of the Association to show a financial profit. Committees are encouraged to contact either the Treasurer or their Executive Committee liaison, should assistance in developing a break-even budget be required. Funds should not be committed or expended until a budget has been submitted and approved by the Treasurer.

  • Meals at the host site of conferences may allow the committee to sample food offered by the on-site catering. To this end, the cost of one catered meal at the on-site meeting for the Annual Conference and Exposition Committee should be a line item on the Annual Conference and Exposition budget. The cost of one meal at the host site of the RAP Conferences should be incorporated as a line item on the budget if needed. This tasting meal should be provided well in advance of the conference.

  • Committees sponsoring a workshop or conference whose fees includes a charge for housing should clearly state in all publicity pertaining to that workshop or conference any cost differentiation between single and double room accommodations. Furthermore, all publicity should clearly state potential additional costs that may be charged to a participant if the type of room accommodation originally requested is not available or in the event that a participant cancels his/her registration.

  • Committees sponsoring a conference or workshop shall ensure that all participants in that conference/workshop are employed at WACUHO member institutions. Participants from non-member institutions will be allowed to attend WACUHO programs on a space-available basis but must be charged a higher registration fee. The minimum surcharge is $5.00 for one-day programs and $20.00 for multiple day programs. (See #6 under Committee Responsibilities) The committee should clearly state these additional charges in all program publicity. Verification of a participant’s WACUHO membership status can be obtained from the Treasurer.

  • Guidelines for discounts on registration fees should be clearly stated on registration web site and/or written material. Discounts for Corporate Partners, new professionals, and early registrations should be monitored to ensure that meet the discount criteria.

  • Committee chairs can ask the Treasurer to invoice institutions or members, if needed.

  • Committee chairs should provide a receipt, if needed, to institutions or members to confirm registration. The Treasurer can provide an additional receipt if necessary.

  • Decisions regarding program registration refunds are the committee chair’s responsibility within the guidelines noted in the paragraph below. The chair may choose to review the request with the committee. The chair should then communicate that decision to the person or institution making the request. In the event of an approved request, the chair will then submit a check request to the Association Treasurer with copies of all pertinent correspondence.