Leadership Manual

Duties of the Vice President

  • Coordinate the Call for Committee Volunteers procedures.

  • Appoint persons to all standing committees and task forces, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee. Check in October to make sure all committee members, especially Chairs, are from member institutions.

  • Chair By-Laws Committee.

  • Maintain an active committee member database, and provide regular updated committee rosters to Executive Committee and committee chairs.

  • Work with the webmaster to update information and committee chair names for the WACUHO web site.

  • Accept delegated responsibilities and liaison assignments.

  • Serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee.

  • Represent the Association at selected regional meetings, conferences, and workshops.

  • By May 1, collect annual report from committee chairs and submit one copy to Historian and bring the second copy to the transition meeting to be distributed to the appropriate Executive liaison (to be given to the respective committee chairs).