Leadership Manual

Liaison Responsibilities

  • Serve as a link between the Executive Committee and the particular committee rather than as an active committee member.

  • Be a resource person, offering advice and guidance to committee chair and members.

  • Follow up on materials sent out by President, Treasurer, and other officers (i.e. WACUHO policies, budget forms, etc.).

  • Serve as a communication link, seeking answers/clarification from the Executive Committee if questions/issues arise.

  • Gather information from committees and report committee’s progress to Executive Committee at quarterly meetings.

  • Inform chair of the need to submit a brief abstract to the Annual Conference and Exposition Program Chair for the Program Booklet prior to the Annual Conference and Exposition.

  • Inform chair of need to submit annual report to Vice President by May 1.

  • Encourage a conservative budget stance (2-5% contingency) and remind chair of his/her financial obligation to maintain a balanced budget. Also remind chair that no money can be spent until the Treasurer has approved a budget.

  • Assist chair of program-based committees (i.e. Annual Conference and Exposition, WTI, PMI, RAPS, etc.) to maintain a break-even budget.

  • Assist/advise committee in generating/producing quality publicity materials, registration packets and public information materials.

  • Encourage committees to submit proposals to establish/enhance services and programs via the Program Reserve Fund.

  • Ensure compliance with Association policies (i.e. alcohol, professional courtesy, etc.).

  • Identify/develop committee members that may serve as future committee chairs.

  • Co-Host (with committee chair) a WACUHO sponsored reception for each of the RAPs, WTI and the Annual Conference and Exposition committees the evening before the start of the conference. For RAPs and WTI the spending limit is $300. For RAP and WTI committees with less than 10 members, the spending limit is $20 per member. The spending limit for the Annual Conference and Exposition is $500.