Leadership Manual

Host Committee

Current Chairs

  • 2017-2018 Co-Chairs:

    • Jana Severson, CSU-Sacramento

    • Eric Hanson, San Diego State University

Previous Chairs

  • 2014-2015 Co-Chairs:

    • Kelsey Stone, UC Santa Cruz

    • Adrian Waite, UC Santa Cruz

  • 2013-2014 Co-Chairs:

    • Emily Sandoval, USC

    • Lisa Racine, CSU Channel Islands

  • 2012-2013 Co-Chairs:

    • Chad Myers, Occidental College

    • David Bracamontes, San Francisco State

  • 2011-2012 Co-Chairs:

    • Kris McPeak, University of Redlands

    • Laura Dorfman, Cal Poly Pomona

  • 2010-2011 Co-Chairs:

    • Kathi Spittel, Univesity of San Diego

    • Josh O’Connor, UC Davis

  • 2009-2010 Co-Chairs

    • Kafele Khalfani, UC Riverside

    • Mia Love, Stanford University

  • 2008-2009 Co-Chairs:

    • Charlene Chew-Ogi, UC Santa Barbara

    • Kris McPeak, University of Redlands

  • 2007-2008 Chair: Emily Galindo, UC Davis

  • 2006-2007 Co-Chairs:

    • Randy Hanlin, CSU San Bernardino

    • Angie Villegas, UC Riverside

  • 2005-2006 Chair: Augie Galvan, Stanford University


  • Travel – Yes. Required attendance at the Annual Conference and Exposition and on-site meetings

  • Programming – Yes

  • Communication by phone, mail, fax, e-mail and required on-site meetings


To coordinate the production of the Annual Conference and Exposition from the bid of a quality site and promotion of quality service. The Host Chair is responsible for all aspects of the registration, lodging and board, entertainment, transportation, and facilities used for the Annual Conference and Exposition.


  1. Responsible for the total coordination of the conference site.

  2. Work closely with Annual Conference and Exposition Chair, President, and the chairs of Exhibits and Display, Program, and Corporate Relations Committees.

  3. Establish a zero-based budget by the fall Executive Committee meeting in consultation with the Annual Conference and Exposition Chair and Association Treasurer.

  4. Request sponsorship monies from the Chair of the Corporate Relations Committee by submitting a Committee Sponsorship Request Form at least thirty days in advance of the program. Contact the Chair of the Corporate Relations Committee regarding amounts and availability of these additional funds.

  5. With the Annual Conference and Exposition Chair and Association President, negotiate all contractual issues with the bid hotel management such as:

    1. Meeting and banquet rooms

    2. Exhibit and Display area

    3. Sleeping accommodations

    4. Itemized cost analysis

    5. Food and beverage arrangements

    6. Audio/Visual arrangements

    7. Conference entertainment

    8. “Night on the Town” options

    9. Hospitality room

    10. Transportation

    11. Memorabilia

    12. Volunteers

    13. Advertisement

  6. Coordinate all hotel reservations and conference registration processes.

  7. Establish & maintain website & e-mail for the Annual Conference and Exposition.

  8. Maintain a list of conference attendees including their name and addresses to be used by Corporate Relations if requested.

  9. Submit an informative article or update per issue of the WACUHO Waves newsletter.

  10. Attend all transition meetings (typically in spring and early summer) to receive completed evaluation and information (i.e. notebooks, files, etc.) from the previous Host Chair.

  11. Plan the on-site meeting (typically scheduled for two days in early May or June) for the Host, Program, Exhibits & displays, and Executive Committees.

  12. Contact the Program and Exhibits Committee Chairs and the Association President to confirm their individual committee meeting plans prior to finalizing plans with hotel and mailing information to members of all participating committees:

    1. Invite/inform all members of the four committees

    2. Review committee goals

    3. Review previous year’s conference evaluations

    4. Review sub-committee structure & responsibilities

    5. Overview tentative conference schedule

    6. Choose conference colors – in conjunction with logo & theme selected by the Program Committee

    7. Brainstorm sub-committees work

    8. Set timelines for committee projects

    9. Delegate Host Committee responsibilities to committee members by sub-committees

    10. Set up times for follow-up committee meetings

  13. Plan two or three follow-up Host Committee meetings to be held between on-site meeting and the Annual Conference and Exposition:

    1. Typically these meetings are rotated between north and south and may be scheduled on the campus of the institution that is hosting the following Annual Conference and Exposition

    2. Review sub-committee work

    3. Continue to make preparations for the conference

  14. Prepares Program binder materials for Host Committee for the following areas:

    1. Publicity

    2. Food and beverage

    3. Registration

    4. Recreation

    5. Entertainment, golf tournament

    6. Transportation

    7. Memorabilia

    8. Hospitality

    9. Placement/employment exchange center

    10. Audio/Visual needs

    11. Newcomers Reception needs (in conjunction with the New Professionals/Newcomers and Program Committees)

    12. Conference colors to coincide with theme/hotel/location

    13. Photographic history of conference

  15. Work with conference site hotel staff to arrange space and furniture needed for the conference.

  16. Coordinate with Annual Conference and Exposition, Programs, Exhibits, Corporate Relations, Diversity & Affirmative Action, Awards & Recognition, New Professionals and Nominations Chairs as well as PACURH and WACUHO Presidents on receptions, meeting rooms, food & beverage needs, registration & lodging, etc.

  17. At the Annual Conference and Exposition, oversee the functions of registration, meals, receptions, breaks, entertainment, recreation, hospitality, transportation.

  18. Act as the primary liaison to the hotel staffs as needed.

  19. Prepare a comprehensive final report and budget summary for the WACUHO President and next year’s Conference Chair within sixty days after the Annual Conference and Exposition.

  20. In January, submit to the Program Committee Chair(s) a welcome letter to the membership for inclusion in the program notebook.

  21. Prepare a chair’s workbook and detailed evaluations for succeeding Host Chair.

  22. Prepare and submit one copy of your annual report in the EOY report cubby and one copy of the annual report in your committee’s cubby, and notify the WACUHO Vice President by May 1. (see Appendix for sample).