Leadership Manual

Check Requests

  • Once a committee’s budget is approved, the chair may then have access to funding by submitting a Check Request Form.

  • All requests must be accompanied by an original invoice or receipt (e.g., not photo copied or faxed) that indicates that payment has been made in full.

  • Detailed expense information is important. Separate check requests by type of expense are extremely helpful for audit purposes.

  • Reimbursement will be returned to the requestor once all receipts and a Check Request Form has been submitted to the Treasurer. Keep in mind that there are many committee members submit check requests to the Treasurer immediately after a conference which may slow the reimbursement process. When possible, please submit reimbursement requests prior to your event or conference.

  • If possible, please separate check requests by committee. Doing so facilitates the annual audit process of the Association’s finances.

  • Treasurer will send reimbursement within 10 days of receipt of a completed check request.

  • An exception to the original receipt policy may be made for purchasing postage. If your expenditures will include postage, then please contact the Association Treasurer so special arrangements can be made. (See RESOURCES for Check Request Form)