Leadership Manual

Travel Policy

  • The Association pays actual travel costs to Executive Committee meetings. Executive member travel is paid out of the Executive Travel line in the operating budget. It is expected that Executive Committee members will be prudent with travel expenditures (i.e. obtaining reasonable airfares by booking reservations early, renting the most economical car, etc.).

  • A $150 per diem for each Executive Committee meeting day is permitted. Per diem covers expenses such as lodging, meals, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred while doing Association business over the meeting period. Typical meeting length and related per diem is:

    • Transition Meeting for Outgoing Executives One Day / $150

    • Transition Meeting for Incoming Executives Two or Three Days / $150 per day

    • Fall Executive Meeting Two Days / $300

    • Winter Executive Meeting Three Days / $450

    • Pre-Conference Executive Meeting One Day / $150

  • Travel and per diem reimbursement for is only available for Executive Committee members attending Executive Committee meetings, with the following two exceptions:

    • Presidential travel

    • Treasurer travel to the Finance Advisory Committee meeting when the annual audit of WACUHO financial records occurs. This includes the two years that the individual serves as treasurer, and the audit following their term as Treasurer when their financial records are being audited.”

  • The Association will pay travel costs to all Executive Committee meetings except for the pre-conference meeting. Travel costs to the meeting may include airfare, mileage, taxi or shuttle to meeting location, car rental, parking fees at the meeting site and/or hotel, and parking fees at the airport.