Leadership Manual

WACUHO Diversity And Affirmative Action Annual Conference Award

The WACUHO Diversity and Affirmative Committee is pleased to be able to once again provide its annual award to the WACUHO Conference. Please find the selection criteria and application requirements below.

Selection Criteria

The award recipient will be selected based on their commitment to diversity above and beyond the requirements expected of them in their current position. Evaluation based on originality, creativity and quality. The recipient will be required to present a diversity program at the Annual Conference and Exposition.

Some examples of outstanding diversity projects may include:

  • Coordinating a special project or event

  • Initiating a program that fosters a greater understanding of under-represented groups (i.e., your response or responses to a negative cultural event that happened at your institution)

  • Active participation in either local or national multicultural/diversity based organizations

Application Requirements: Please submit these materials directly to NAME (e-mail address and fax number listed below) by INSERT DATE.

  1. A maximum of three typewritten, double-spaced pages which respond to the following:

  2. Address the selection criteria by describing how you have gone above and beyond in your current or previous position to further the ideals of diversity at your institution and in your community.

  3. Discuss how you plan to continue to integrate the theme of diversity in your future professional goals.

  4. Describe what you hope to gain from the conference and how you will incorporate what you have learned at the conference to improve diversity in the field of student affairs and the WACUHO organization.

  5. A copy of your current resume.

  6. A copy of the program proposal form you filled out for the Annual Conference and Exposition, including the program description, goals, and abstract.

  7. A letter of recommendation from a direct supervisor (preferably your current supervisor) addressing the selection criteria, including impact and results.

  8. A coversheet that includes the Name, Position, Institution, Address, Telephone, Fax, and E-mail of both you and your current (or former) supervisor.



Awards applying for (please check one):

  • Institutional Award

  • Individual Award

Nominee Name/Institution:____________________________________________________

Title/Department: __________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________Phone Number: __________________

__________________________________E-mail Address: __________________

Additional Nominee Names: __________________________________________________



Institutional Award Criteria Evaluation based on originality, creativity, quality, impact, and results. An individual department or a combination of departments working with a Housing organization is eligible.


Must include, but not limited to:

  • Diversity in staff

  • Uniqueness of outreach efforts

  • Innovative approaches to recruitment and retention of under-represented staff

  • Effective use of creative resources (such as tapes, brochures, and programs)

Individual Award Criteria Evaluation based on originally, creativity, quality, and impact, and results. Looking for, but not limited to:

  • Uniqueness in outreach and recruitment efforts of professional and paraprofessional staff

  • Development of innovative programs (such as in training, classes, staff development)

  • Presentation of creative educational programs(s)…ex: cultural awareness, issues of diversity, women’s issues, special interest/theme halls

  • Unique research efforts in the area of diversity

Supporting materials for either award applying for should include, but not limited to:

  • Nominator’s supporting letter (not to exceed two type written pages)

  • Three additional letters of support

  • News clippings and other publications

  • Program materials that contain information related to nominee’s contribution

  • Training and recruitment materials

Please Note: Due to privacy and confidentiality laws, supporting material may not include performance evaluations or letters which are a part of the academic and staff review process.