Leadership Manual

WACUHO Naming Guidelines

Adopted: July 1, 2011

WACUHO recognizes that we have had many dedicated members who have contributed greatly to the organization. When these members retire or pass on, we honor them through formal recognition at the WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition. Rarely, an individual has become such a part of WACUHO that the Association will consider naming some aspect in memoriam of that individual. These WACUHO Naming Guidelines are designed to provide a structure by which WACUHO leadership might consider a proposal to name some aspect of the Association. The proposal submitted shall meet the following criteria. Upon receipt, the WACUHO President and WACUHO President-Elect shall ensure that the submitted proposal follows the established criteria for consideration.

  • A naming proposal may be considered for a person who is a retired or deceased member or corporate member who made an outstanding and extraordinary lifetime contribution to the Association or,

  • A naming proposal may be considered for a person who founded a program or service for the Association and who maintained at least ten (10) years of direct support for that program or service.


The person or group being considered must:


  • Have been a member (or retired member) (individual or corporate) of WACUHO in and/or remain in good standing with the Association and,

  • Have demonstrated dedication to the Association and housing profession.




  • The process requires a written proposal with justification be submitted to the Executive Committee. The proposal should meet or exceed the following qualifications:

  • A housing professional from a currently active WACUHO member institution may submit nominations.

  • A minimum of five (5) letters of support must be submitted for the nominee. The recommendation letters must come from individuals representing at least four (4) different WACUHO member institutions.

  • The nominee must have been an active member of WACUHO for at least ten (10) years.

  • The nominee must have chaired one or more WACUHO committees/task forces or served on the Executive Committee.

  • The nominee’s contributions to WACUHO should reflect a high degree of commitment, service, and positive impact/legacy to the Association in addition to regular participation in WACUHO sponsored programs and events.

  • The Executive Committee reviews and evaluates naming proposals thoroughly. After each proposal is reviewed, the Executive Committee will decide through majority vote whether the naming proposal will be recommended for consideration by the Association members.

  • Proposals recommended for consideration to Association members will be placed on the agenda of the Association’s Annual Business Meeting. In keeping with WACUHO bylaws, a favorable majority vote by member institutions is required to ratify the nomination.


Changes to Named Programs:

If a named WACUHO program or event is discontinued, the name that is associated with the program or event will also be discontinued.