Leadership Manual

Proposed Budget

  • In order for a program committee (zero-based budgets) to either collect or spend money, it must have an approved budget. The Budget Form is the vehicle for you to submit a proposed budget. Complete the form by entering all figures in the Proposed Budget column and return the form via e-mail to the Association Treasurer for approval. Please allow adequate time for the Association Treasurer to process the budget request.

  • Please note that financial commitments cannot be made and the Association Treasurer may not expend money prior to budget approval. This includes the publication of registration fee rates to the association and the opening of the registration website.

  • Programming committees must develop break-even budgets where total revenues equal total expenses. Committee chairs should be conservative in estimating budgets, assuming conservative revenues and ample expenses to allow for worse case scenarios.

  • Consult the prior year’s annual report and review budget information. If the annual report is not available, contact your Executive Committee liaison and/or the Treasurer for a summary of the final operating budget.

  • For operating committees, a budget appropriation will be proposed for approval at the Annual Conference and Exposition Business Meeting. Prior to committee work, it is important to confirm the approved amount with the Association Treasurer. This figure will be used as the total income on your committee’s submitted Budget Form.

  • It is appropriate to budget for a thank you gift for volunteers, but gifts for committee members are not permitted. Committee t-shirts to be worn on the day of the event are not considered a gift. The WACUHO operating budget allows for a committee thank you meal that should not be included in the programmatic budget. In most cases, the Executive Committee liaison coordinates this thank you meal.

  • Not allowed in the budget proposal:

    • Travel or lodging for committee members

    • Food or snacks at meetings

    • Registration cost for host institution or committee members with the exception of Annual Conference and Exposition Chairs and RAP Committee members, as break-even budget allows.

  • If your committee has not been funded and wishes to receive additional funds for the fiscal year, you may request Reserve Funds. See the WACUHO Reserve Program Reserve Fund Policy for more information.