Leadership Manual

Sponsorship Policy

The Association from time to time recognizes that some partners/vendors wish to sponsor parts of a program, special event or activity as a benefit to the Association. In keeping with the guidelines for corporate partners, the Corporate Relations Committee will review requests for sponsorship on a case by case basis. All monies for program sponsorship will be allocated from the Corporate Relations Committee on behalf of all participating corporate partners. Examples of sponsorships are receptions, refreshment breaks, small keepsakes given at an Association program, printing costs for program notebooks or keynote speaker fees.


The guidelines are as follows:

1. All program committee chairs will receive a list of corporations/vendors that are being solicited for corporate partnership. These corporations/vendors are to be considered sponsors and contacted through the Corporate Relations Committee only.

2. Committee chairs should submit, in writing, a request for any items for which they are seeking sponsorship funds by using the Sponsorship Request Form (see RESOURCES). This form should be submitted to the Corporate Relations Committee chair at least thirty working days prior to the event.

3. Committee chairs may solicit sponsorships from any corporation/vendor not listed on the corporate partner solicitation list. Seeking donations from local vendors for door prizes is encouraged. Sponsors/vendors should have some relationship to the Association’s mission. Sponsorships from alcohol and tobacco related industries are not to be accepted.

4. Committee chairs shall submit to the Corporate Relations chair and Treasurer a copy of the Donations Budget Form (see Appendix). This form provides space for listing the sponsored item and associated cost. It should be submitted no later than thirty days after the event. The Corporate Relations Committee, in consultation with the Executive Committee, will exercise prudence in reviewing the value of memorabilia, prizes, and other sponsored activities.

5. The committee chair in conjunction with the Executive Committee liaison is responsible for ensuring that the corporate partner banner is hung in a visible location during the program.