Leadership Manual

Technology & Information Systems

Current Chair

  • 2014-2015 Chair, David Wildly CSUEB

Former Chairs

  • 2013-2014 Chair: Nicholas Howell

  • 2010-2011 Chair: Jacques Zalma, UC Santa Barbara

  • 2009-2010 Chair: Jennifer Gray, UNLV

  • 2008-2009 Chair: Ken Lewis, UC Santa Barbara

  • 2007-2008 Chair: Ryan McRae, CSU San Marcos

  • 2006-2007 Chair: Ryan McRae, CSU San Marcos

  • 2006-2007 Chair: Ryan McRae, CSU San Marcos

  • 2005-2006 Chair: Robert Stephens, UC Berkeley


  • Travel - Optional

  • Programming - Optional

  • Communication by phone, mail, fax, e-mail or on-site meetings


To inform the membership about technology issues and services, including newly enacted and impending legislation, which could impact aspects of housing and food service operations in the areas of technology and information systems.


  1. Responsible for the creation and maintenance of networks related to the needs and issues the Association members in the areas of technology and information systems and other related literature review, legal issues and specialized interests.

  2. Create and annually update a Technology & Information Systems Resource Directory representing the entire western region, and disseminate the information at the Annual Conference and Exposition.

  3. Conduct a western region survey of computer systems, cable and satellite communications, telecommunications and teleconferencing capabilities, and services provided to students regarding information systems. Request information about funding resources. Submit initial survey findings to Association President.

  4. Design and coordinate one or more specialized one day workshops in the area of technology and information systems as related to or impacting the housing and food service profession. Workshops should challenge participants and provide them with personal and professional skill enhancements as well as up-to-date information via literature review, trade shows, national conferences, and shared experiences.

  5. Solicit facilitators to conduct technology-related programs or roundtable discussions at the Annual Conference and Exposition in the area of technology and information systems. Submit program proposal to Program Committee.

  6. Submit an informative article or update per issue of the WACUHO Waves newsletter

  7. Submit a brief abstract in January at the request of the Program Committee Chairs for inclusion in the program notebook.


Prepare and submit one copy of your annual report in the EOY report cubby and one copy of the annual report in your committee’s cubby, and notify the WACUHO Vice President by May 1.