Leadership Manual

Duties of the President

  • Preside over all meetings of the Association, including the Annual Conference and Exposition, fall, mid-winter, and spring meetings of the Executive Committee, and all special meetings of the Executive Committee or the Association.

  • Direct vision and activities of committees through delegation of responsibility to liaisons.

  • Review Affiliation Agreement with ACUHO-I every year.

  • Appoint persons to all standing committees and task forces, with the concurrence of the Executive Committee.

  • Propose a budget, with the assistance of the Treasurer, for the next fiscal year during the pre-conference Executive Committee meeting.

  • Work directly with the activities of the following chairs: Annual Conference and Exposition Chair, Host, Program, Exhibits and Corporate Relations Committees.

  • Conduct negotiations with the host institution(s) representative for the awarded Annual Conference and Exposition hotel bids on behalf of the Association.

  • Prepare agendas for each Executive Committee meeting.

  • In the case of a tie, serves as a voting member of the Executive Committee.

  • Represent the Association at selected regional meetings, conferences, workshops and at national or international association meetings.

  • If the President Elect is unable to attend, or in partnership with the President Elect, attend the ACUHO-I Regional Presidents meeting, held the Saturday prior to ACE (June or July).

  • Participate in Regional Presidents monthly phone calls, provide written reports as requested to ACUHO-I Regional Representative, and other miscellaneous duties as outlined in the ACUHO-I Affiliation Agreement.

  • Oversees the work of the members of the Executive Committee and assures completion of essential duties and responsibilities of the officers.