Leadership Manual

Committee Annual Report – Recommended Format

I. Cover Sheet

Should be simple and should include Committee name, any themes/logos used, and name of chair/co-chairs

II. Committee Abstract

May be taken directly from the leadership manual

III. Committee Members

Please provide a final listing of all committee members and their host institutions

IV. Committee Budget

Please provide overall committee budget (initial and final) – consult WACUHO Treasurer if needed

V. Committee Goals

Please list the committees goals for the year

VI. Year In Review

Should include the following:

  1. Meeting Days, Time, and Location

  2. Committee Timeline

  3. Theme (if applicable)

  4. Delegation of Tasks and Summaries

  5. Award/Award Process (if applicable)

  6. Any Miscellaneous Topics

Please be as detailed as possible including all information that you wish you would have had as you began the process of chairing this committee.

VII. Committee Overall Results

Please provide an overview of accomplishments of the committee the Committee Chair/Co-chair. Please include the following:

  1. Areas of Challenge for committee

  2. Committee Trends

  3. Committee Issues to Explore

  4. Comments for Incoming Chair/Co-Chairs

IX. Appendix

Please include the following:

  1. Meeting Agendas and Minutes

  2. Any Forms Created

  3. Web Page

  4. Any Evaluations created or used

  5. Any Other relevant documents

Please save one copy of your annual report in the WACUHO Google Drive in your committee folder located within the "EOY reports" Google Folder. Once you have uploaded your completed End-of-Year report please notify the WACUHO Vice President by May 10th at vicepresident@wacuho.org. If you encounter any technical issues please contact the WACUHO Technology Coordinators at tech@wacuho.org