Leadership Manual

Alcohol Beverage Policy

WACUHO recognizes the need to promote responsibility in the use of alcoholic beverages and consider issues of liability in conjunction with Association activities. This alcohol beverage policy is predicated on the following considerations: As people who relate to students daily and exercise considerable influence over their lives, housing professionals are responsible to set a positive example. There are many in the Association whose personal beliefs and preferences include abstinence from of alcoholic beverages. These people are considered and accommodated. Association and conference funds should not be used, except under paragraph one, to provide alcoholic beverages at functions, nor does WACUHO want to put direct or subtle pressure on those potential host schools that cannot afford to provide alcoholic beverages or that are prohibited by law or policy from doing so.


Based on these considerations, the WACUHO Alcoholic Beverage policy includes:


  • Alcohol beverage expenses must always be kept to a minimum and should not exceed 5% of the total food and beverage costs for a function. If expense for alcoholic beverages exceeds 5% (e.g., a reception), then prior approval of the total cost for alcoholic beverages must be obtained from the Executive Committee.

  • Donations of alcoholic beverages to be served with a meal may be accepted where appropriate and approved by the Executive Committee.

  • The host institution(s), or food service operators at the host institution may provide, at their own expense, alcoholic beverages in conjunction with a meal or special function.

  • Exhibitors may not provide alcoholic beverages in conjunction with the exhibits and displays area.

  • Non-alcoholic beverages and some type of food must always be served where alcoholic beverages are provided.

In all cases it is expected that committees will exercise good judgment. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Executive Committee for clarification.