Strategic Plan

With ongoing strategic planning occurring within WACUHO for the past 10-15 years, the 2012-2013 Executive Committee determined it was time for a longer term strategic plan to be developed by the Association.  Given previous efforts (led by Willie Brown and Lisa Slavid from the University of California, Santa Barbara) it was determined a more comprehensive plan was needed to better assure consistency from an organizational perspective moving forward.

A comprehensive assessment initiative was undertaken for the 2012-2013 academic year, which included four different elements; two separate committee chair assessments, a Chief Housing Officer (CHO) climate survey and a general membership climate survey. These efforts culminated with focus groups at the 2013 Annual Conference and Exhibition in San Jose.  This data was forwarded to the 2013-2014 Executive Committee who then commissioned a group of WACUHO leaders to serve on the Strategic Planning Task Force.  The Executive Committee solicited thirty names from a cross section of the association, from chief housing officers, mid-level managers and new professionals.  The Executive Committee also directed the task force to insure the diversity of the Association be represented in the Strategic Planning Task Force and process [i.e., private/public institutions, functional areas, and individuals represented within WACUHO. 


From the list of thirty candidates, a final group of seven task force members was selected to serve on the original Strategic Planning Task Force which included:

Tyler Miller

Willie Brown

Carol Roberts-Corb

Jennifer Novotny

Emily Sandoval

Jason Lu

Chris Young

Before the efforts of the current Strategic Planning Task Force are listed, honor must be given to previous efforts at creating a strategic plan for the Association.

Two previous Strategic Planning groups have been formed on behalf of the Association.  Both Jack Gibbons [University of California, Los Angeles] and Charlene Chew-Ogi [University of California, Santa Barbara] led previous effort before the year 2000.

Efforts in 2010 began with David Stephen (California State University, Chico) who turned efforts over to Willie Brown and Lisa Slavid (both at University of California, Santa Barbara).  This team concluded their work in 2011 with two significant outcomes:

  • Four vision areas in which to enhance our mission, which were adopted at the WACUHO 2012 annual business meeting and are included in the next section

  • The need for the Association to develop a plan to address the increasing and expanding administrative responsibilities associated with running the organization reliant on volunteers who are also struggling to manage professional/career obligations concurrently. Two recommendations were forwarded to the Executive Committee:

    • Create a “home campus” within the WACUHO region to coordinate the administrative functions of the organization or,

    • Contract certain and essential services with ACUHO-I to manage administrative functions of the organization

The recommendations above were tabled while a series of additional assessments were completed in 2012 – 2013 coupled with the formulation of the Strategic Planning Task Force [2013] tasked to complete a strategic plan including all of the data collected since 2010.

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