Enhancing the Profession

Current Challenges:    

From assessment data and focus group discussions the Strategic Planning Task Force has determined that:

  • Our organization has not developed a sustainable and systematic approach to enhance the field of Student Housing, Student Affairs, and Higher Education.

  • Opportunities to enhance the profession have not been consistently promoted within our organization and members are not aware of the resources available to student housing professionals.

  • Engagement in ongoing research, scholarship and assessment is not evident.

  • Our efforts are not fully aligned with ACUHO-I’s core student housing competencies.


Desired Outcome:  

Our members are engaged in research and innovation that moves our profession forward with the Association’s support.  We support and promote those efforts both internally and externally.  Our efforts are in line with ACUHO-I’s body of knowledge and core competencies and Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS).

Key Indicators:   

  • Assessment plan

  • Increased WACUHO Member presence at other professional association conferences

  • Membership institutions involvement in benchmarking

  • Mentorship opportunities and engagement for all experience levels

  • Publishing research

  • Recognition of innovations, research, study and work being done by members

  • Resource library


Enhancing the Profession Objectives (In Priority Order):