The California Association of College and University Housing Officers (or CACUHO) was formed in 1957 when three housing professionals invited colleagues from across the state to come together to discuss student housing problems common to California colleges and universities. In 1987, CACUHO filed articles of incorporation as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation.

CACUHO became WACUHO (Western Association of College and University Housing Officers) in 1994 in order to have a name that better represented its constituents.  While California is the legal home of WACUHO, the Association is considered to be a borderless region. Current institutional members hail primarily from California, Hawaii, and Nevada.

WACUHO is governed by a volunteer Executive Committee comprised of voting and non-voting (appointed) members, that directs the operations of the Association and stewards the financial well-being of the organization.  From an initial 30 founding members representing 19 institutions, the organization today boasts 60 member institutions serving hundreds of college/university student housing professionals.

And finally, it is important to note that WACUHO is a wholly independent and incorporated professional association responsible solely and exclusively to its membership in all dimensions [i.e., shared governance, services, financial resources, professional development, conferences, educational programming, etc.] and is not formally or legally affiliated with any other student housing professional association.

“Membership in the Association shall be open to institutions of higher education or organizations, in the western region of the United States, which have Housing Officers involved in coordination of administration, facilities, fiscal/service management, educational programming, conferences and/or food service operations for students and staff members on or off the

college/university campus.” 


WACUHO By-Laws: Article III Membership Acknowledgements

The Strategic Planning task force would like to acknowledge organizations and individuals who helped develop this document:

  • The Northwest Association of College and University Housing Officers (NWACUHO) Association Master plan was the inspiration behind how this document was developed. We especially appreciate the president of NWACUHO, who gave valuable feedback in developing our strategic plan.

  • Alex Belisario [University of California, Santa Cruz], WACUHO Historian, who crafted the Overview of the Association section above.

  • The WACUHO Presidents who guided and supported the development of this strategic plan.

    • We want to especially acknowledge Ramona Hernandez [University of California, Davis] for reviving this endeavor and garnering support from the Association leadership

    • We want to additionally acknowledge Stephen Fleischer [California State University, Los Angeles] for his work in the creation of the first iteration of the WACUHO Strategic Plan

  • The important work done by previous members of WACUHO on the Strategic Plan prior to this current iteration.