Leadership and Membership Engagement

Current Challenges: 


From assessment data and focus group discussions the Strategic Planning Task Force has determined that:

  • Although WACUHO does an excellent job engaging new professionals and residential life staff, other members are not as engaged as we desire.

    • Administrative/Assignments Professionals

    • Chief Housing Officers

    • Dining Services Professionals

    • Facilities Professionals

    • Human Resources Professionals

    • Mid-Level Managers

    • Professionals New to the WACUHO Region

    • Summer Conferences Professionals

    • Business and Finance Professionals

  • There are limited opportunities to participate in WACUHO beyond the Annual Conference and Exposition.

  • Volunteers sometimes struggle with follow through.

  • Current programming efforts (Western Training Institute, Pacific Management Institute, etc.) may not be relevant and/or effective.


Desired Outcome:     


Connection, engagement, involvement and passion from a broad spectrum of members throughout the year


Key Indicators:         

  • Engagement of corporate partners

  • Engagement of membership beyond the new professional realm

  • Engagement of membership outside the residential life function area

  • Number of institutions registered as members

  • Opportunities for engagement beyond the Annual Conference and Exposition


Leadership and Member Engagement Objectives (In Priority Order):