Organizational Infrastructure

Current Challenges:

From assessment data and focus group discussions the Strategic Planning Task Force has determined that:

  • Overall, our membership assessment reveals that the current infrastructure is antiquated and has remained essentially unchanged for almost thirty to forty years

  • The committee chairs indicate the committee structure and areas appear to lack some relevancy.

  • The role of Equity and Diversity Awareness (E&DA) committee in meeting the different needs of Affinity groups within the Association,

  • Many members report communication structures that were developed twenty to thirty years ago that remain unchanged and seem ineffective for our work today.

    • Examples of this would include the way the Leadership Manual is communicated and how we go about selecting host sites for the Annual Conference and Exposition.

  • According to our assessment data, there is more work to be done than the human resources available within the organization.

    • An example of this would include the Executive Treasurer position. Past executive committee members and treasurers report that the responsibilities of the position are unsustainable.

  • Although we are financially stable, there is no long-term comprehensive financial plan to invest in supporting the mission, vision, and purpose of WACUHO.

  • The current economic climate makes it difficult for members to travel to programs, committee meetings, and conferences, and our previous structure was dependent on that support.

  • Our relationship with ACUHO-I needs to be discussed and decisions need to be made about what an affiliation, consolidation and/or partnership with ACUHO-I looks like that will benefit our Association.


Desired Outcome:


Transformation of our organizational infrastructure to maximize the effectiveness of our available resources.


Key Indicators:

  • Comprehensive long term financial plan

  • Equity & Diversity Awareness committee structure (affinity groups)

  • Executive Committee positions

    • Member at Large positions

    • Treasurer position

  • Finance Advisory Committee annual recommendations

  • Home campus or ACUHO-I support

  • Membership database

  • Membership structure and fees (institution vs. individual)

  • Overall committee structure and composition