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2024-2025 Executive Committee Nominations

Executive Committee Nomination Videos

President Elect Nominees

2022-10-27 Christine Bender 03.JPG

Christine Bender | She, Her, Hers
University of California, Riverside
Senior Director of Residential Education

Professional Experience

  • 2001-2002: Bethany College (Lindsborg, KS)

    • Resident Director

  • 2002-2017: California State University San Bernadino

    • Resident Director

    • Area Coordinator

    • Assistant Director for Judicial and Residential Programs

    • Associate Director of Residential Education

  • 2017-Present: University of California Riverside

    • Senior Director of Residential Education

WACUHO Experience

  • WACE Annual Conference Chair (2014 and 2022)

  • Assessment Committee

  • WACUHO Strategic Planning

  • WACUHO Annual Conference and Exhibits Committee

    • Exhibits / Programs / Host

  • WACUHO Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

  • Nominations Committee

  • Mid-Managers Committee

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

  • Southern Student Leadership Drive-In (SRAP)

  • Judicial/Conduct Committee (founding member/chair)

  • Apartments Committee

  • Jim “JB” Brock Spirit of WACUHO Award

  • National Housing Training Institute Faculty (2019 and 2024)

  • Presenter for various programs at WACE

Why are you interested in the above experience?

My interest in this position is rooted deeply in wanting to give back to an organization that has given me so much professionally and personally over the years.  With that, I would like to ensure members reap the same rewards through their engagement and involvement within WACUHO.  I would like to ensure the WACUHO is viewed as a value add to the membership, whether through accessing resources, committee involvement, conference attendance, drive-ins, and maybe even bringing back some oldies but goodies ;o).  I believe I possess the leadership skills and creative ideas/thinking to bring some continued energy to the role, organization, and its membership.  As Leo Rosten says, “The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make a difference that you lived at all.”

Josh O'Connor | He, Him, His
University of the Pacific
Assistant Vice President of Student Life

Josh O'Connor.jpg

Professional Experience

I have had 20 professional years working in Housing and Residential Life within Student Life. Below has been my professional career

  • Assistant Vice President of Student Life | University of the Pacific  | August 2022 - Present

  • Associate Director of Residential Life/Volunteer Center | UCLA | August 2015 August 2022

  • Conduct Coordinator | UC Davis | June 2009 – July 2013

  • Residential Life Coordinator | California State University, Sacramento | September 2005- May 2009

  • Coordinator of Residential Education | UC San Diego | June 2005 – September 2005

  • Graduate Assistant Hall Director | Suffolk University | Boston, MA | August 2003- June 2004

  • NASPA Sustainability Knowledge Community | Region VI Representative | May 2021– Present

  • Association of Leadership Educators (ALE) | Board of Director | June 2018 – Present

  • UCLA Undergraduate Admission Reader | UCLA Undergraduate Admission | September 2016- Present

  • TEDxUCLA | Co-Curator | Los Angeles, CA | September 2015- August 2021

  • TEDxUoPacific| Curator| Stockton, CA | August 2023- Present

  • LeaderShape | Campus Program Coordinator | Los Angeles, CA | September 2015- August 2022

WACUHO Experience

  • WACE (Executive Committee Secretary) 2024 Anaheim, CA

  • Northern Student Leadership Drive-In (Executive Committee—Secretary & Volunteer) 2024 Davis CA

  • NACURH (Advisor & Volunteer) 2019

  • PACURH (Advisor & Volunteer) 2019

  • NACURH (Advisor & Volunteer) 2018 Phoenix, Arizona

  • PACURH (Campus Host Advisor, Campus Host Institution) 2018  Los Angeles, CA

  • NACURH (Advisor & Volunteer) 2017 Purdue University, Indiana

  • PACURH (Advisor & Volunteer) 2017 Eugene, OR

  • NACURH (Advisor & Volunteer) 2016 University of Delaware

  • PACURH (Advisor & Volunteer) 2016 Monterey Bay, CA

  • WACUHO (WACE Conference Chair) 2016  Long Beach, CA

  • PACURH – No Frills (Advisor & Volunteer) 2016 Monterrey Bay, CA

  • WACUHO (Participant/Volunteer/Presenter) 2015 Monterrey, CA

  • PACURH 2014 (Advisor, Volunteer) 2014 Pomona, CA

  • WACUHO (Ran for Exec, Presenter, Volunteer) 2014 Oxnard, CA

  • PACURH 2013 (Advisor, Volunteer) 2013 Spokane, WA

  • WACUHO (New Pros Chair & Volunteer) 2013  San Jose, CA

  • NASPA NorCal Region VI (Presenter) 2013 Sacramento, CA

  • NRAP (Advisor & Volunteer) 2012  Santa Cruz, CA

  • WAUCHO (Vice President) 2012 Pomona, CA

  • NRAP (Vice President Rep, Volunteer) 2011  Reno, NV

  • PACURH - No Frills (VP Rep) 2011 Chico, CA

  • WACUHO (WACE Host Chair) 2011  San Diego, CA

  • NRAP at UC Davis (Executive Chair) 2010  Davis, CA

  • WACUHO (Executive Committee- MAL North, Presenter) 2010 Stanford University, CA

  • WACUHO (Host Committee & Volunteer) 2009  Santa Barbara, CA

  • NASPA/ Placement Exchange (Volunteer & Volunteer) 2009 Seattle, WA

  • NRAP at San Jose State (Host Committee & Volunteer) 2008  San Jose, CA

  • WACUHO (Host Committee & Volunteer) 2008 Sacramento, CA

  • NRAP at University of Reno (Advisor & Volunteer)  2007  Reno, NV

  • WACUHO (Volunteer) 2007  Palm Springs, CA

  • NRAP at Cal State Maritime (Advisor & Volunteer) 2006 Vallejo, CA

  • WACUHO (Volunteer) 2006  San Francisco, CA

  • PACURH – “No Frills” (Advisor & Volunteer) 2006 University of Reno, NV

  • NRAP at Chico State (Advisor & Volunteer) 2005  Chico State, CA

    • NOTE: Northern Student Leadership Drive-In were formally known as NRAPs

Why are you interested in the above experience?

I’m Josh O’Connor and I’m am running to be your next President-Elect. This association means so much to me. I remember my first WACE, 2006 in San Francisco -- I walked into the SF hotel by myself and I was immediately greeted by JB Brock and Martin Castillo. JB & Martin immediately took me under their wing and introduced me to everyone present at that WACE – I felt so welcomed. Since then, WAUCHO has become my West coast family. This organization has given me mentorship, guidance and support to build me into the professional I am today. Due to the leadership and support from WACUHO, I work daily to ensure I give the same support, guidance and mentorship to the next generation of Housing and Residential Life professionals. I have been grateful to have served this amazing association over the past 20 years in a variety of roles; and currently I serve as your secretary for the 2023-2024 WACUHO Executive Committee. If elected as President-Elect, I pledge to do my part in moving the WACUHO organization forward, as we encounter new challenges. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Vice President Nominees

Luke Bost | He, Him, His
Pepperdine University
Associate Director of Housing Operations


Professional Experience

25 years of student housing experience.  I am in my 25th year at Pepperdine University and since 1998, I have served in roles both in operations and in residence life.  Since 2011, I have been the Associate Director of Housing Operations and focus on facilities and housing accommodations.

WACUHO Experience

I have been a member of WACUHO since 1998.  My first WACE was Hawaii!  Since that time, I have had the opportunity to present at WACE and I have served on various committees, from Spiritual Life, New Pros, Host, Facilities, Programs, Exhibits, and Corporate Partners.

Why are you interested in the above experience?

I’m Luke Bost and I am running for the position of Vice President.  I was very fortunate to work ten years for Jim “JB” Brock who is the namesake of the WACUHO spirit award.  He taught me so much about work, life, and his love for WACUHO.  Like him, I believe in the association, its members, the Corporate Partners, who support us, and I pledge to continue to move WACUHO forward as an organization.  Thank you for your consideration.

Chris Flores | He, Him, His
Stanford University
Assistant Director, Housing Administrative Services

WACUHO Candidate Pic- Flores - Chris Flores.jpg

Professional Experience

  • June 2014 - January 2017:  Resident Director | New Mexico State University

  • January 2017 - January 2022: Coordinator for Residential Education | UC Santa Cruz

  • January 2022 - August 2023: Programs Coordinator | California State University Chico

  • August 2023 - Present: Assistant Director, Housing Administrative Services | Stanford University

WACUHO Experience

  • WACE Host Committee Co-Chair: 2023-Present

  • WACUHO Finance Advisory Committee (FAC) Member: 2023-Present

  • WACE Host Committee Member: 2022-2023

  • Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair: 2021-2023

  • WACE Marketing and Registration Committee Member: 2021-2022

  • Mid-Level Professionals Co-Chair: 2021-2022

  • 2021 ACUHO-I Outstanding Mid-Level Professional of the Year Recipient

  • WACUHO Vice-President: 2020-2021

  • WACUHO Member at Large- North: 2019-2020

  • Northern Student Leadership Drive Chair: 2018-19

  • WACE Programs Committee Member: 2018-2019

Why are you interested in the above experience?

WACUHO has been my professional home for much of my career, providing me with numerous opportunities to grow and network. I want to ensure others can experience the same. The heart and soul of WACUHO lies in our committees and members who ensure the success of those committees. I aim to ensure that WACUHO continues to be an association where anyone can get involved and grow professionally. As your Vice-President, I will ensure that our Committee Chairs and Members receive the necessary support, guidance, and training for a successful year ahead. Additionally, I will work to highlight the amazing work our committees do year-round to demonstrate the value of involvement to our member schools. Having served our Association as a Committee member, Committee chair, and Executive Board member, I believe I possess the skills, knowledge, and ideas to sustain the excitement within our organization, membership, and committees. I hope to earn your support! Thank you for your consideration! (And if you haven’t already signed up to get involved in a WACUHO Committee, I highly encourage it... it’s a rewarding experience!)

Secrertary Nominees

No nominations have been received at this time. A call will go out for nominations from the floor at the Annual Business Meeting during WACE.

Officer for EDI Nominee

Hannah Elliot | She, Her, Hers
California State University, Long Beach
Assistant Director, Residential Curriculum & Leadership


Professional Experience

I have worked at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) for the last 3 years starting as a Residential Life Coordinator and moving into the Assistant Director of Residential Life role last May. In my current role, I manage our residential curriculum, paraprofessional training, marketing and communications, and assessment, as well as our leadership initiatives such as our Residence Hall Association. I served as an RA for two years at California State University, Fullerton, where I was first introduced to WACUHO through what is now known as the Central & Southern Student Leadership Drive In. 

WACUHO Experience

I have engaged with WACUHO mainly through the Central & Southern Student Leadership Drive In both as an RA at the host institution, an RA attendee, and as a delegate advisor for the past two years. Outside of SLDIs, I have been able to connect with WACUHO through various webinars and connections I have made with WACUHO members. I am looking forward to getting more formally connected with the organization. 

Why are you interested in the above experience?

My interest and excitement for the Officer of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion position stems from my personal and professional passions within these areas. As an avid reader and lifelong learner (and chatterbox), I get inspired by big conversations, ones that often lead to more questions than answers. With the state of our field, of our country, and of our global community, I still have hope due to my grounding in Black feminist praxis and knowledge from my own identity communities who have continued to persevere under the worst conditions. We have hard conversations to have within our roles, and the only way we survive is together. My hope within this position is to create dialogue spaces and professional development opportunities that continue to generate ideas and action that creates tangible change for us as professionals and for the students we serve. I would be proud to serve as a liaison to our marginalized identity-based committees and also hope we can create space for those with privileged identities to engage in dialogue around what it means to be a professional within that privilege. I believe in collecting assessment that will be used to inform practice, designing opportunities for folks to come together within and across identities to learn and engage in fruitful discussion, and addressing behavior, structures, and practices that do not uphold our standards for equity as an organization with care and accountability. For these reasons, I hope you consider me for this position. 

Member-at-Large North Nominees

Keonna Dumas | She, Her, Hers
California State University, Sacramento
dence Hall Coordinator

Keonna Dumas Headshot.png

Professional Experience

  • Resident Hall Director-Kutztown University of PA 2017-2020

  • Area Coordinator-Arcadia University 2021-2022

  • Assistant Director of Student Engagement-Arcadia University 2022-2023

  • Residence Hall Coordinator- CSU Sacramento 2023-Present

  • Committee and Leadership Positions

    • Social Committee, Chair-Chi Omega Upsilon Chapter, Chi Sigma Iota, 2018-2020

    • Residential Programming Committee, member-Kutztown University, Spring 2019

    • Electronic Implementation Desk Committee, member-Kutztown University, Spring 2019

    • BearFest 40th Festival Committee, co-chair-Kutztown University, Spring 2018

    • Homecoming Planning Committee, co-chair-Arcadia University, 2021-2023

    • First Annual Scarlet Knights Weekend Committee, co-chair-Arcadia University 2022-23

    • Basic Needs Navigator Search Committee, member-CSU Sacramento 2023-2024

    • Women of Influence Award Dinner Committee, co-chair-CSU Sacramento 2023-2024

    • Women of WACUHO Committee, member-2023-present 

WACUHO Experience

This is my first year with WACUHO as I joined the Sac State Hornet Family in July 2023 after relocating to Sacramento from Pennsylvania. I eagerly joined the WOW Committee and have dedicated time volunteering with the committee to prepare to host a WOW Social Hour and Leadership Panel this year at WACE. 

Why are you interested in the above experience?

I recently relocated to California after living and beginning my Residence Life career in Pennsylvania and being a member of MACUHO. Since moving I’ve been working to build professional connections throughout my campus and I only want to continue my efforts through the WACUHO association.
As the Member At Large for the North region I will commit to 3 Cs if elected. Those 3 C's are: Community Connection, Challenge, and Change. As a MAL I plan to help to create community connections through events and conferences such as SLDs and connecting regional institutions to one another, challenge the non-member institutions to join and contribute to the continuous growth of the association, and make change to improve the association as a whole. I hope to bring a sense of innovative and inspiration to traditions and learn how to make the association better for all members. If elected I will be able to bring to the executive committee a strong work ethic, innovation and inquisitiveness, information sharing, and an interesting perspective to the Executive Board.

Member-at-Large Central Nominees

Cassie Butcher | She, Her, Hers 
University of California, Los Angeles
dent Director

headshots (2).png

Professional Experience

  • 2019-2023: Resident Director | University of California, Riverside

  • 2023-Present: Resident Director | University of California, Los Angeles

WACUHO Experience

  • New Professionals Committee (2019-2020)

  • WACE Annual Conference Marketing & Registration

    • Committee Member (2019-2020)

  • WACE Annual Conference Marketing & Registration

    • Committee Chair (2021-2022)

  • WACE Presenter (2021-2022)

  • WACE Presenter (2022-2023)

  • WACE Presenter (2023-2024)

Why are you interested in the above experience?

Through my experience as a presenter or a committee member for several WACE conferences, I have had the privilege of sharing knowledge and best practices with colleagues across the region, furthering WACUHO's goal of providing relevant resources to its members. Additionally, I am passionate about cultivating leadership potential within our community, and I believe in the power of volunteer service to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

WACUHO's mission to promote meaningful connections and provide innovative professional development resonates strongly with me. Throughout my career as a Resident Director at both the University of California, Riverside and the University of California, Los Angeles, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of fostering connections within residential communities. These connections not only enhance the student experience but also contribute to their personal and academic growth.

If elected as the Member At Large, I am committed to actively contributing to WACUHO's mission and vision by advocating for the professional development and support of our members, fostering meaningful connections, and championing innovative initiatives that positively impact the residential experience for students across the Western region.

Member-at-Large South Nominees

Christopher Badoyan | He, Him, His
San Diego State University
dence Hall Coordinator

Christopher Badoyan (2).jpg

Professional Experience

Over the past 3 years, I have worked in Housing at Cal Poly Pomona as a Resident Life Intern and the last two years as a Residence Hall Coordinator at San Diego State University.

WACUHO Experience

I have been involved with the WACE Sessions Committee for the last two years, along with I am serving as a Co-Chair for the New Professionals Committee this year. I will also be presenting two times at this year's WACE 2024.

Why are you interested in the above experience?

I am interested in the Member-at-Large, South position because I think it is important to be involved and give back to the WACUHO Community. The WACUHO community has played a massive role in my higher education journey; it has allowed me to grow and learn from others and improve myself as a person and a professional. During my time with WACUHO, I was involved in the WACE Session Committee last year and this year. Along with that, I have been lucky enough to co-chair the New Professionals Committee. These committees have allowed me to learn and network with other higher education professionals to see how we can work together to support the folks in WACUHO. During my higher education journey, I have been able to learn a lot from folks, and I give that credit to the amazing folks I have worked with and the people I have had the privilege to meet at WACE these past two years. Within the role, I would work hard to bring folks together and see how WACUHO supports them, while also working to bring campus back into WACUHO and see what they want to see from the organization. Finally, I would work to make sure there is timely communication between the Executive Board and the WACHUO campus, as well as see how I can create a space where folks can talk to one another to see if the campus has ideas on how to address trends happening on campus. 

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