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Managing Your Membership

Membership Dues Schedule

Prices are based on the number of bed spaces you have starting in Fall, and reflect a dues increase that was approved at the WACE 2024 Annual Business Meeeting

  • 0-1000 beds $312

  • 1001-2000 beds: $515

  • 2001-4000 beds: $813

  • 4001-6000 beds: $1,056

  • 6001-8000 beds: $1,489

  • 8001-10,000 beds: $3,120

  • 10,001+ beds: $3,652

If you encounter difficulties, please contact

Membership Info

Each year campuses will renew their membership in the database.

  • Individual membership is covered by your institution once the respective institution successfully registers and pay their annual dues with WACUHO.

  • Once your membership dues are paid, all housing staff at your institution will automatically be eligible to register for WACUHO events at the member rate.  It is important to update membership prior to registering for an event to prevent paying needless non-member fees.

  • Staff at member institutions will have access to search the database to find other staff in the region for professional connection, WACUHO event invitations, etc.

  • If you log into the database and your membership dues need to be paid, you will see the balance due, based on your campus size and the WACUHO membership dues fee structure.  Check payments for membership dues will be allowed each year until October 1; after this date, a credit card payment will be required.

  • Moreover, anyone at your institution can pay membership dues in the system for your campus if they are not yet paid.  Don’t worry; the system will not let you pay them twice

Managing Profiles

The WACUHO Central Office Implementation Committee, together with ACUHO-I, is pleased to announce that the new institutional and individual database is now live!  We think you will find that for staff at our member schools this will be a great tool for networking.

Each individual housing staff member at a college or university campus can have a profile in the WACUHO database.

  • If you have registered for a WACUHO event in the last few years you will already have an individual profile.  In this case, you can find your profile using the email you had when you last attended a WACUHO event, even if you are now at a different institution.

    • When you enter the database for the first time you need to set your password.  Click “change password” and then enter your email address.  A link and instructions for setting your password will arrive via email.  If you don’t see it come into your mail box, check your “SPAM” folder to see if it may have gone there.

    • Once you are logged into the database, click on “Edit my Information” to update your profile.

  • If you cannot find your profile, you may sign up for one.

  • Since profiles are specific to an individual and can move from campus to another (kinda like YOU in real life…!), we strongly encourage you to find and update your existing profile rather than starting a new one.  This will prevent us from maintaining more than one profile on you.

  • If you are an SHO and you cannot find yourself in the database, please contact us at or call 614-398-2085 so we may add you.

Campus Profiles

Each campus in the WACUHO region has a brief profile that is already set up.

  • Each campus’ SENIOR HOUSING OFFICER, or their designated PRIMARY CONTACT, may make changes as appropriate to this profile by selecting the organization upon log-in

  • If your campus is not there, please contact us at or call 614-398-2085 so that we may update our records.



  • We encourage you to update your profile annually to ensure that our records are up to date.

  • When there is an SHO change, please notify us at or call 614-398-2085 so we may update this record.

  • PRIMARY CONTACT and BILLING CONTACT may be designated by the SHO, and once designated will have full access to campus and individual staff rosters for their institution.

  • SHOs and PRIMARY CONTACTs – please encourage all of your employees to update their profiles annually.  This will help ensure that they are receiving important information about programs and services that they may be interested in, and it will ensure that they can be found by other housing colleagues in our region who may wish to connect with them for information sharing purposes.

  • Although we recommend that employees establish and update their own profiles, SHOs and PRIMARY CONTACTS do have the ability to add and remove individual profiles for their institution.

    • Your campus profile will reflect your membership status; now is a good time to verify that your campus is a member!  Remember that the membership year begins July 1st each year and ends June 30th the following year regardless of the date that you renewed your membership last year.

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