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2023-2024 Executive Committee Nominations

Executive Committee Nomination Videos

President Elect Nominees

Reyes Luna | He, Him, His
Cal Poly Pomona University
Executive Director | University Housing Services

Professional Experience

29 years of Student Affairs professional experience, with 25 years in Housing specific roles. I am currently in my 21st year at Cal Poly Pomona and since 2010, I have served in the roles of Director of Residence Life, Interim Executive Director for Housing, Executive Director for Housing and Director of Residence Life, and now since 2022 only as the Executive Director for Housing. I have worked at four different member campus during my 29 years, Cal Lutheran, UC Davis, Sonoma State, and Cal Poly Pomona.

WACUHO Experience

I have been a member of WACUHO since 1994 and had served on the new pros, WTI, and back then the Diversity and Affirmative Action Committees from 1994-1998. I had served as the co-chair for Host when Cal Poly Pomona co-hosted the conference in Pomona 2012. I am currently serving as the co-chair for Host for this conference in Las Vegas 2023. I have attended WACE conference over the years and participated as a Senior Housing Officer.

Why are you interested in the above experience?

As I approach retirement eligibility (3 years to go), I wanted to give back to the association that gave me my start. My career had been enhanced and shaped by my involvement in WACUHO. I have met many wonderful professionals over the years. The concept of full circle motivates me to give back; to help shape and enhance the careers of new professionals joining the field and seasoned professionals. And for one day, many years from now or tomorrow be able to positively influence someone to be able and willing to serve this wonderful and impactful association.

Christopher Flores | He, Him, His
Chico State
Program Coordinator

Professional Experience

Programs Coordinator for University Housing at Chico State since January 2022. Coordinator for Residential Education at UC Santa Cruz from 2017 to 2022. Resident Director at New Mexico State from 2014 to 2017

WACUHO Experience

Executive Committee Involvement

  • Member at Large - North 2019-2020

  • Vice-President 2020-2021 

Committee Involvement

  • WACE Programs Committee Member 2018-2019

  • Northern Student Leadership Drive-In Chair 2018-19

  • Mid Level Professionals Co-Chair 2021-22

  • WACE Marketing and Registration Member 2021-2022

  • Strategic Planning Committee Co-Chair 2021-2023

  • WACE Host Committee Member 2022-2023

Why are you interested in the above experience?

My name is Chris Flores and I'm running to be your next President-Elect. WACUHO has given me many opportunities to grow and I want to ensure others can experience the same. If elected, I will work to strengthen connections with members regularly. I will continue to build up our WACUHO roundtable series and partner with other regional associations to create additional and affordable professional development opportunities for members. Finally, I will continue to make WACUHO an inclusive space of all our members and ensure we are always advocating, supporting, and recognizing our members. I hope to earn your support. Thanks!

Vice President Nominee

Jennifer Ortiz | She, Her, Hers
CSU Fullerton
Assistant Director | Residential Engagement

Professional Experience

I have worked at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) for the last 5 years. I currently serve as an Assistant Director in Housing & Residential Engagement at CSUF. In this role, I advise our Resident Hall Association & National Residence Hall Honorary and lead student staff recruitment and selection.

WACUHO Experience

I served on the Southern Student Leadership Drive In Committee in 2019-2020 and the Student Leadership Zoom In Committee in 2020-2021.In 2021-2022, I served on the WACE Programs Committee. This past year, I was honored to serve as the WACUHO Secretary and was a liaison for the Historian and Women of WACUHO committees!

Why are you interested in the above experience?

I want to continue to serve on the executive committee because of how much WACUHO has given me. It has given me support and a network that I can lean on. Because my journey in this organization started by being a committee member, I want to encourage people to get involved with our committees. I want to continue to advocate for our members in WACUHO through offering involvement and networking opportunities and as someone who is strong in administrative and organizational skills, I will ensure committee chairs have access to updated committee rosters and maintain communication with all members. I would be honored to be elected to be your Vice President.

Secretary Nominees

Josh O'Conner | He, Him, His
University of the Pacific
Executive Director of Student
Director of Housing/Res Life

Professional Experience

  • Executive Director of Student Life | University of the Pacific | Stockton, CA | August 2022 - Present

  • Associate Director of Residential Life/Volunteer Center | UCLA | Los Angeles, CA | August 2019– August 2022

  • Assistant Director of Leadership & Involvement | UCLA | Los Angeles, CA | August 2015– August 2019

  • Leadership Development Coordinator | UCLA | Los Angeles, CA | July 2013 – August 2015

  • Conduct Coordinator | University of California, Davis | Davis, CA June 2009 – July 2013

  • Residential Life Coordinator | California State University, Sacramento | Sacramento, CA | September 2005- May 2009

  • Coordinator of Residential Education | University of California, San Diego | San Diego, CA |June 2005 – September 2005

  • Graduate Assistant Hall Director | Suffolk University | Boston, MA | August 2003- June 2004

  • NASPA Sustainability Knowledge Community| Region VI Representative | May 2021– Present

  • Association of Leadership Educators (ALE) | Board of Director | June 2018 – Present

  • UCLA Undergraduate Admission Reader | UCLA Undergraduate Admission | Los Angeles, CA | September 2016- Present

  • TEDxUCLA | Co-Curator | Los Angeles, CA | September 2015- August 2022

  • LeaderShape | Campus Program Coordinator | Los Angeles, CA | September 2015- August 2022

  • Northern Resident Advisors Conference (NRAP): November 2010 Conference Chair | Davis, CA

WACUHO Experience

WACE (Conference Chair, Presenter), 2016, Long Beach, CA RHA – No Frills (Advisor) 2016, Monterey Bay, CA WACE (Participant/Volunteer) 2015, Monterey, CA PACURH 2014 (Advisor, Volunteer) 2014, Pomona, CA WACE (Running for Exec, Volunteer) 2014, Oxnard, CA PACURH 2013 (Advisor, Volunteer) 2013, Spokane, WA WACE (New Pros Chair) 2013, San Jose, CA NRAP (Volunteer) 2012, Santa Cruz, CA WACE (Executive Committee -- Vice President) 2012, Pomona, CA NRAP (Executive Committee -- VP, Volunteer) 2011, Reno, NV RHA - No Frills (VP Rep) 2011, Chico, CA WACE (Chair of Host Committee) 2011, San Diego, CA NRAP at UC Davis (Conference Chair) 2010, Davis, CA WACE (Executive Committee, Presenter) 2010, Stanford University, CA WACE (Host Committee) 2009, Santa Barbara, CA NRAP at San Jose State (Host Committee) 2008, San Jose, CA WACE (Host Committee) 2008, Sacramento, CA NRAP at University of Reno 2007, Reno, NV WACE (Volunteer) 2007, Palm Springs, CA NRAP at Cal State Maritime 2006, Vallejo, CA WACE (Volunteer) 2006, San Francisco, CA RHA – “No Frills” (Advisor) 2006, University of Reno, NV NRAP at Chico State 2005, Chico State, CA

Why are you interested in the above experience?

I’m Josh O’Connor and I’m am running for the position of secretary. I work as the Executive Director of Student Life at the University of the Pacific. Prior to Pacific, I worked at UCLA, UC Davis, Sacramento State and UC San Diego. Throughout my time in California, I have attended 7 Northern RAPs, 13 WACUHO Annual Conferences, and chairs a few of those conferences. WACUHO is my home organization where I started my career. If elected, I pledge to do my part in moving the WACUHO organization forward, as we encounter new challenges. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Savanah Headstone | She, Her
San Jose State University
Assistant Director for Residential Life 
Educational Development

Professional Experience

  • August 2023 - Present: Assistant Director for Residential Life and Educational Development, San Jose State University

  • January 2016 - August 2023: Coordinator for Residential Education, University of California, Santa Cruz

  • September 2021 - December 2021: Interim Assistant Director for Residential Education, University of California, Santa Cruz

  • August 2018 - December 2018: Acting Associate Director, College Student Life, University of California, Santa Cruz

  • July 2013 - June 2015: Community Director, Arizona State University

WACUHO Experience

2019-2020: Northern Student Leader Drive-In Committee Member 2020-2021: Student Leader Zoom-In Tri-Chair 2021-2022: Member at Large - North, WACE Programs Committee Member 2022-2023: Vice President

Why are you interested in the above experience?

I am interested in the Secretary position as I have truly valued the experiences I have had while being involved within WACUHO, and I want to continue giving back to an association that has allowed me to grow and develop as a leader and professional. The Secretary position will allow me to work with the Executive Committee to ensure information is accurate and available to all within the association as well as assist in increasing involvement. Video:

Treasurer Nominee

phil Coontz | He, Him, Siya
UC Davis
Conduct and Student Support Specialist

Professional Experience

My professional experience includes 14 years of integrated academic and student affairs practice. I have been able to engage in work serving as an RA, an instructor of record for a criminal justice course, an academic advisor for underrepresented students in STEM, holding leadership roles within residential education, and most recently, serving in a non-clinical case manager role focusing on conduct and student support. These roles have ranged from serving PWIs, HSIs, HBCUs, and public and private religious affiliated institutions.

WACUHO Experience

This past year, I have served as one of the Technology and Communications Coordinators. In said role, I have prioritized setting the organization up for future success in aligning our technology and communications efforts with those of ACUHO-I. In addition to this, I have been able to serve as the committee liaison for the WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color.

Why are you interested in the above experience?

Having the privilege to serve on the e-board this year has shown me that WACUHO remains fiscally responsible/ aware of providing worthwhile experiences to our region. I welcome the opportunity to continue the amazing efforts that have been made to ensure we are utilizing finances to provide developmental opportunities that are equitable, reasonable, and inclusive for all. I aim to continue exploring ways to provide new and existing initiatives while thinking critically about supporting colleagues in need that would benefit from professional development support/ access.

Member-At-Large Nominees (North, South, Central)

Michael Prestin | He, Him, His, They
Cal Poly Humboldt
dence Life Coordinator
MAL - North

Professional Experience

Director of Residence and Student Life - 1 year - Lamar, CO

Resident Hall Director - 1 year - Stevens Point, WI

Residence Life Coordinator - 4 years - Arcata, CA

WACUHO Experience

2020 - 2021: Northern Student Leader Drive In Committee member 2021 - 2022: WACE Programming Committee Member 2021 - 2023: Northern Student Leader Drive In Committee Chair

Why are you interested in the above experience?

I am interested in the MAL for the Northern Region because I want to help the committees that I am a liaison for with the Exec Board. I want to make sure that there is an open communication between the chairs and Exec Board though having a 24-36 hour response time and to be available through different chats if need be. Another reason that I want to continue working with WACUHO is to help better our student leaders, but making sure that the committees are offering all that they can. I have felt more connected in California since I’ve started serving.

Alex Pacifico | They, Them, Theirs
Santa Clara University
Assistant Director of Billing & Communications

MAL - North

Professional Experience

Over the past 6 years I have worked as a Coordinator for Residential Education at UC Santa Cruz, and both a Residence Director and Area Coordinator at Northeastern University before entering my current role as an Assistant Director of Housing at Santa Clara University.

WACUHO Experience

I have been a tri-chair of WOW and have also attended several WOW conferences. I have also participated in Drive-ins in Nor cal in addition to also being involved in the book club in past years. I will be presenting two sessions this year at WACE 2023.

Why are you interested in the above experience?

I am interested in getting involved with WACUHO again after taking a brief hiatus. I also am looking forward to networking with folxs from other institutions and learn a bit more about the organization as a whole. One of the biggest reasons though, that I am truly looking forward to running for Member at Large is to have the opportunity to give back to others, working with new professionals and new institutions joining the organization. (See video with CC here, Video without CC it attached below -

Fatou Olshanski | She, Her, Hers
CSU Long Beach
Director of Residential Life

MAL - South

Professional Experience

I am about to complete my 5th year working at CSULB. I started here as the Associate Director of Residential Life and was promoted to Director of Residential Life about 3 years ago. I started my residential life journey as a community assistant and RA at Kansas State University. I earned my masters degree from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale while working as a graduate hall director for two years in a 17 story residential tower. My first full-time position was at the University of Arizona where I served as a Community Director for 3 years. After that I moved into the Associate Director of HRL role at Tulane University for 3 years. To get closer to family, I accepted an Area Coordinator position at Winston-Salem State University for about 1.5 years and then took the Assistant Director for Residential Life at NC State for 4 years before moving out to California. During that time I have served on countless committees, attended conferences, and been involved with professional organizations.

WACUHO Experience

My WACUHO experience primarily consists of being involved in the CSU SHO meetings, chaperoning RAs to the SLD when it was held at the Claremont Colleges (pre-COVID), and attending WACE 2022.

Why are you interested in the above experience?

I am interested in the Member-at-Large, South position because I think it is important to get involved and give back to the types communities and organizations that helped be grow and learn as a professional. I was involved in UMR-ACUHO as an RA, GLACUHO as a graduate student, and AIMHO and SEAHO as a professional. During each stage of my career I received invaluable training, mentorship, and support that helped me prepare for the next step. Since I am just getting involved in WACUHO, I want to learn more about the organization and serving as Member-at-Large will afford me that opportunity. I am passionate about student leadership and getting housing professionals connected so they can be successful both personally and professionally.

Elections will take place at the WACE 2023 business meeting on April 18th 

Express your interest or nominate someone at

Deadline for submission: Thursday, March 3, 2023

  • What is the time commitment?
    Executive Committee members are expected to attend the following*: 2-day in person transition meeting in June 2023 - Anaheim (June 11, 12) 2-day in-person meeting in Fall, 2-3 day in-person meeting in Winter and a 1-day in-person meeting the Saturday before WACE (virtual if necessary) Monthly 1-1.5 hour phone/virtual conference meetings Other responsibilities will vary based on position responsibilities and committee liaisons. * Executive travel expenses are paid for by the association in accordance with the WACUHO Travel Policy in the Leadership Manual. Expenses exceeding the per diem allowance are the responsibility of the Executive Committee member
  • What is the application process?
    Express your interest or be nominated by someone using the link below by March 3rd at: ( Confirmed candidates will be asked to submit a picture, written candidate statement, and/or a 1 minute video. Candidate information will be distributed to WACUHO members via WAVES and WACUHO website. For candidates attending WACE, there will be a candidate orientation, and candidates will be introduced during the candidate lunch. President-elect candidates will be asked to make a short 2-3 minute speech. Elections and results will take place during the Annual Business Meeting at WACE.
  • How do elections work?
    At the Annual Business Meeting during WACE, each institution has 1 voting representative (everyone is welcome to attend the meeting). This is usually the Senior Housing Officer or a designee. Each member institution gets 1 vote per position. Candidate information is distributed before WACE online and in the WAVES Institutions should caucus before the Annual Business Meeting to decide who to vote for. Votes are counted during the meeting and if there are any ties, a run-off vote is taken Positions are elected by a simple majority and announced at the end of the Annual Business Meeting.
  • Am I qualified to serve on Exec?
    To be a member of the Executive Committee, you must be employed by a member institution. There are no experience or years of service prerequisites to serve on the Executive Committee. For positions such as President/President Elect or Treasurer, it is recommended that candidates have past experience serving on committees or other involvement in the association for better context and understanding of processes.
  • Do I have to attend WACE to be elected?
    There are a number of benefits to you and your candidacy by attending WACE! Some of these include the ability to attend the candidate session, expand your network, and observe the current Executive Committee member responsibilities. However, if circumstances do not allow for you to be in attendance, it is not a candidacy requirement.
  • How does the appointment process work?
    The Technology Coordinators are non-voting members of the Executive Committee. After the election period is complete, the new Executive Committee will send out a call for interest in the appointed positions. The Technology Coordinators are selected by the Executive Committee.
  • Want to learn more?
    For details on each position, please refer to the leadership manual: For general information about the Executive Committee, please refer to the website: Email us at: Check out WACUHO Family and Friends Facebook page or Instagram for more information!
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